Reinventing board games

We are a studio of creative board gaming enthusiasts, building next generation digital board games.

Our vision

The digital age opens up the doors to completely new gaming concepts. As great board game enthusiast, we seek to draw a bridge between digital gaming and traditional board gaming concepts.

high quality content

As opposed to many other digital game publishers, we believe that the basis of a great gaming experience is high quality content.

modern technologies

With experienced technical background in our team and reliable outsourcing partners for UI-developement, we trust in modern, serverless architectures to build scalable apps at an unmatched development speed.

Disruptive game concepts

Digital tools give rise to entirely new, location based gaming concepts. We believe that the smartphone in your pocket can replace and augment traditional, content based board games.

Clean design

We believe in clean, flat, and intuitive UI/UX concepts with a few, well chosen characteristic marks, making our gaming experience appealing and unique.


Urban Survivor

The Alternate Reality Game which takes you and your friends outside to discover new worlds and rediscover your old world. It's about nothing less than pure survival and the opportunity to seize the realm.
Discover a parallel world inside yours, fight, evolve, collect and connect.

Trio & Trio Multiplayer

Highly addictive reaction game for up to four players. Decide as fast as possible, whether the three symbols in front of you make a trio or not. Be faster than your opponent - but watch out, because mistakes will not be forgiven.


Who knows you best? Trickster is an entertaining interaction game for you and your friends. Characterize each other as accurately and creatively as possible and have fun with each other's hilarious answers. Who finds out which answer is tricked and which is true? Who is the trickster?

Wenn ich du wäre

Join on a dare with your friends. Turn a boring party into an epic night. Test your courage and let your crazy out!



Using serverless infrastructure, our apps are build to scale to any number of potential users without overhead- and at minimal infrastructure cost.

Distributed Content

Thanks to our distributed content network, our game content is available to all apps and its quality is improved constantly through user feedback.

Cross platform

Using modern, cross platform frameworks such as Flutter and React Native, we produce brilliant results at an unmatched speed

Modern marketing

Using social media and evaluating usage statistics and target groups carefully, we design a perfect marketing strategy for our games.

Our team

Cofounder / Tech LeadMoritz Morgenroth
Cofounder / Product OwnerJulius Gronau
Development Emil Bergold
Creative DirectorLiv Schlenther
Project Coordinator & HRAntonia Gronau
Development & DesignOur Freelancer Network



Flying Potato Entertainment UG
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10965 Berlin


+49 177 8921757